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7204 N. 16th Street, Phoenix
7204 N. 16th Street, Phoenix

Receiver and Special Master

Sometimes, a business in distressed financial condition or in the midst of an ownership dispute will require the services of an independent third-party receiver. We have experience in this area ranging from being the “referee” in certain management disputes to taking over and running the day to day operations of a company. Our team has served as a court-appointed receiver on numerous occasions for reasons ranging from marital disputes to the liquidation and litigation of a multimillion-dollar investment funds that collapsed under the weight of a Ponzi scheme fraud. We also have experience serving as the financial advisor to debtor companies during the process of Chapter 11 reorganization in Federal Bankruptcy Court.

Why Use Gorman:

  • Who better to protect and preserve assets than forensic accountants and business valuation experts.
  • We know disputes and how to understand both sides of an argument.
  • Our opinons are respected in Court.
  • We know business and understand industries.
  • We are well connected in the business, legal and real estate markets.
  • We provide clear and understandable reports.
  • We are reasonable with fees.

Every project is different

Gorman can help when money is the issue. Not sure if we are the right expert for your project, give us a call.  If we can’t help, we can recommend someone that can.